Installing a 35,000 lb Steel Forging Hammer

| November 30, 2010 | 0 Comments

One of the most recent jobs that American Industrial Rigging performed was the installation of a 35,000 Lb. steel forging hammer.   The first sub base was 240,000 lbs. and we had to roll the piece in over some wood cribbing and jack it down 14 feet into the ground.   The second sub base was 180,000 lbs. and we had to roll it in and jack it down 9 feet into the ground on top of the first sub base.  The anvil for the hammer was 280,000 lbs. and once more we rolled it in over wood cribbing and jacked it down about 5 feet onto the second sub base to complete the job.  No job is too large for American Industrial Rigging!

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